Exceptional Children, Extraordinary Potential

Disability Organizations & Community Groups


     Montana Community Autism and Asperger's Network - www.facebook.com/groups/MTCAAN


Brain Injury

     Brain Injury Alliance of Montana - www.brainline.org/resource/brain-injury-alliance-montana


Cross Disability

     Bozeman Area Special Education Parent Teacher Association - www.bozemansepta.org/

     Centers for Independent Living

         Living Independently for Today and Tomorrow (LIFTT) - www.liftt.org
         Montana Independent Living Project (MILP) - www.milp.us
         North Central Independent Living Services (NCILS) - http://ncils.org
         Summit Independent Living Center (Summit) - www.summitilc.org

     Disability Rights Montana -  www.disabilityrightsmt.org 

     Orchid Club Montana - http://orchidclubmt.org/


     Parents of Special Needs  Children, Billings Facebook Group - www.facebook.com/Parents-of-Special-Needs-Children-270355532984033/

Down Syndrome

     Montana Down Syndrome Association - https://mtdsa.org/

     Down Syndrome Research Education Advocacy in Montana (DREAM) - www.dream-mt.org/



     Montana Hands and Voices - www.mthandsandvoices.org, www.facebook.com/mthandsandvoices/


     Montana Association of the Deaf - www.montanadeaf.org

     Big Sky Recreation Association of the Deaf (BSRAD) - www.montanadeaf.org/big-sky-recreation-of-the-deaf

     Great Fall Club of the Deaf (GFCD) - www.montanadeaf.org/great-fall-club-of-the-deaf
     Beartooth Club of the Deaf (BCD) - www.montanadeaf.org/beartooth-club-of-the-deaf
     Missoula Club of the Deaf (MCD) - www.montanadeaf.org/beartooth-club-of-the-deaf
     Gallatin Association of the Deaf (GAD) - www.montanadeaf.org/beartooth-club-of-the-deaf


Mental Health

     NAMI Billings - www.namibillings.org/

     NAMI Missoula - https://namimissoula.org/     

     NAMI Montana - www.namimt.org


     Montana School for the Deaf and Blind - http://msdb.mt.gov

     National Federation of the Blind Montana - https://www.nfbofmt.org/

         Treasure State At-large Chapter (Conference Call)
         Electric City Chapter, Great Falls
         Yellowstone County Chapter, Billings