Exceptional Children, Extraordinary Potential

Montana Parent Training & Information Center (PTI)

Welcome to Montana PTI!

As parents or family members of children with disabilities ourselves, we are here to support you in your journey.

We believe...

Montana PTI - Family Support
  • ...families care deeply about their children.
  • ...families are capable of making informed decisions that are right for their family.
  • ...families are entitled to have hopes, dreams and high expectations for their children.
  • ...families deserve support through respectful, non-judgmental conversation.
  • ...in providing families connections, information, tools & resources to accomplish their dreams.
  • ...systems should listen carefully to the family perspective to improve outcomes for children.

How We Help

Montana PTI provides online resources and individualized assistance to help Montana parents and educators to support and enrich the lives of children with disabilities.


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Our goal? 

family, parents, professionals

Provide support, information and tools to families to help them make informed decisions as equal partners in their child's education.

We are available to help with your questions about special education, school services, and resources. We can assist by providing you with information and referrals to other programs that can meet your child's and family's unique needs.  We can also help you brainstorm options and solutions. We do not provide legal advice or legal representation.

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We provide free one-to-one support to parents and professionals by phone and email. A limited amount of in-person support for families may be available.

We are not able to attend IEP or Facilitated IEP meetings, Mediation, or Due Process Hearings.

Montana PTI Rack Card - Please contact us if you would like hard copies for distribution.


If you aren't located in Montana, find the parent center that serves your area